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Learn Agile and Lean without the jargon

Build upon what you already know

Whether you're a seasoned Agilist or brand-new to the field, our bite-size videos will help you to adapt to change and deliver better customer and business value.

Learn tried and tested techniques to increase collaboration, improve overall flow of value, and ensure you're building the right things in the right way.

Agile and Lean mindset

Let's take it from the top: getting the right results means applying the right-thinking in every minute of every day. Build the right habits with us.

Practical advice and tips

You name it, we've probably been there. Our experience with a multitude of different teams and business functions means we've seen it all.

Measuring success

Equip the tools to continuously adapt and improve for years to come. After all, you can't work out where you're going if you don't know where you are.

Glimpse at our Product

In plain English

Agile with Edele offers on-demand Agile and Lean training videos, in a highly visual animated format, covering the mindset and various methodologies in a way we (humbly) believe will better equip you for the real world than other training courses out there. We understand that every situation is different; our aim is to equip you to deal with yours, without making assumptions about what that situation may be.

It's dangerous to go alone…

We think the content in our videos is pretty great - remembering it is a different matter. That's why many of our videos come alongside printable handouts. Keep 'em in your bag, give 'em to your colleagues, stick 'em to your walls - either way, keep rocking that Agile mindset all day, every day.

A course for every occasion!

Are you working in a Scrum team? Maybe your organisation applies Kanban and the Lean approach? Or are you on the sidelines in another department, hearing other teams talk in terms of "sprints" and "retrospectives", wondering what on Earth these terms mean and if they're relevant to your own workflow?

Either way, whether you already know the lingo or it's all Greek to you, whether you're already working well or need help getting out of a dysfunctional slump, and no matter the size of your team: we've got a course for you.

Meet Edele, your virtual Agile Coach.

I've worked in various roles with teams far and wide, from co-located to completely remote. I've led numerous Agile transformations in various sectors, and want to help you achieve this too!

I'm keen to share my knowledge and experience with you so that you can have the best toolkit to help your teams and organisation really be Agile.

I've studied process methodologies for over 12 years, and worked with various approaches - from Scrum to Scaled Agile; Personal Kanban to Enterprise Kanban, and pretty much everything in between! All the answers you've been looking for right here!

Meet Edele, your virtual coach