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What is Agile with Edele?

The fun way to learn Agile and Lean! Our comprehensive library of short, informative videos will help prepare you to work with Agile and Lean in the real world - rather than in a classroom.

A large percentage of people are visual learners. A hundred percent of us want to apply what we learn to our real workplace - not just learn enough to earn a handshake and a certificate.

That's why we created Agile with Edele—a subscription based e-learning platform for Agile and Lean. In summer 2019, we launched our public beta, with some of our content available for free.

On Thursday, 31st October 2019 we moved out of beta and into our full offer. You can now get complete access to our entire course library, plus a bunch of useful training materials for you to print and share with your colleagues, for just €29 monthly (plus VAT where applicable). What do they look like? The teaser below gives you an idea.

For that low monthly fee, you'll essentially have your own virtual Agile Coach, with up-to-date, real-world experience, uploading new videos regularly. Beats hiring! Not sure about the subscription yet? Several of our lessons are available for free, so you've nothing to lose by creating an account.

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We believe that the traditional two-day training course, finishing with a handshake and a certificate, is unable to prepare you for the real-world challenges of trying to improve an existing organisation's deep-rooted way of working.

That's where Agile with Edele aims to be different, diving deeper than it's possible to in a classroom, and giving you the option to learn at your own pace. We'll be adding new lessons all the time, so you can continue to learn and help your team grow with you. We cover the theory and history of Agile and Lean, before diving deep into useful, real-world techniques you can start using right away to help improve your collaboration and create happier teams.

Our training courses

We've created hours of on-demand video courses that are fun, interesting, informative—and relevant to your real-world situation. New videos are added each month, and are often accessorised with printable material, so you can learn at your own pace - and revisit the content as often as you need to.

But the best bit? You can get started without paying a cent - simply sign-up by clicking the button below - to access to our free lessons. The entire content catalogue is available to you for an affordable, no-strings-attached monthly subscription.

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