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Something new: Agile with Edele

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If you’ll direct your eyes upwards, to the URL bar above, you’ll notice that you’re now browsing agilewithedele.com instead of edelegormley.xyz.

This subtle, seemingly unimportant change is the prelude to a bunch of sweeping changes that will find their way across this site over the next couple of months. Maybe the next time you visit, the title of the site will have changed, or the logo, or there’ll be a whole new section of the site that I can’t quite tell you about just yet. Maybe things will have got a whole lot more… orange around here. Of course, maybe you’re reading this from the future and they already are.

Stop Motion Orange via GIPHY

I started writing for one simple reason: I aim to coach. My entire career, my work in the technology sector has been a bid to teach, inspire, mentor others, because I get the biggest kick out of taking an individual human being and watching that spark of understanding take root in the kindling of his or her mind. Taking that ethos online has always been a trade-off: I lose the ability to personalise my coaching for the individual in question, and I lose the satisfaction of watching that spark up close, but it’s clear that I can help oh so many more people through the series of tubes that is the internet.

What’s also clear, however, is that my sitting here putting pen to paper every few weeks isn’t the most efficient way of amplifying the amount of people I can coach and teach and, well, help. So I’ve put hundreds of hours of thought and blood and sweat and tears (and about six thousand post-it notes) into working on something more. Something new, something personal, and (humbly) something a bit different to anything else out there. Something a bit more… orange.

I’m dying to spill what I’ve been working on for the past few months. The time for that isn’t today, however.

The Agile principles say to release early and often. Today, I’m releasing early, by changing the domain name. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be releasing often—so watch this space. Agile with Edele is just the beginning of this new chapter, and I’m excited and terrified in equal parts to share it with you all. Join me on my journey—I wish I could say more right now, but I promise you won’t regret coming with me on this one.