What is Agile with Edele?

The fun way to learn Agile and Lean! We use animated videos to teach you both mindsets - we believe this format will equip you to use them better. Plus, many of our courses also come with printable posters that you can keep close at hand, helping the concepts we cover become second-nature.

Be kind, rewind?

Don't worry if you're not sure what these terms are! At Agile with Edele we try and take it from the top, explaining terms as simply as we can.

Agile and Lean are complementary mindsets, which help us to work in new ways to get better results. Together, they help us shift from a focus on "how much work is being done" to "how much value is delivered to our users"?

Our offer

We think that a two-day training course, finishing with a handshake and a certificate, is unable to prepare you for the real-world challenges of trying to improve an existing organisation's deep-rooted way of working.

That's where Agile with Edele aims to be different, diving deeper than it's possible to in a classroom, and giving you the option to learn at your own pace. We'll be adding new lessons all the time, so you can continue to learn and help your team grow with you.

Our training courses

We've created hours of on-demand video courses that are fun, interesting, informative—and relevant to your real-world situation. New videos are added each month, and are often accessorised with printable material, so you can learn at your own pace - and revisit the content as often as you need to.

But the best bit? You can get started without paying a cent - simply sign-up by clicking the button below - to access to our free lessons. The entire content catalogue is available to you for an affordable, no-strings-attached monthly subscription.

For Agile practitioners, by an Agile practitioner.

Photo of Edele, Your Virtual Agile Coach

Edele, your coach:

“I’m passionate about helping people work better together”

As Agile has increased in popularity, the number of Agile training courses that exist has increased significantly. Through personal experiences and many conversations with people who use Agile in some capacity, I've found the majority of these courses aren't accessible to individuals and small businesses. What's more, they tend to focus on a particular technique or methodology. It's like having a library with only one book!

I started Agile with Edele in large part as a response to this situation. Having a larger selection of practices (or books, to continue the simile) available to use is essential to be able to change, rather than relying on a single method or practice for every project.

I first studied process methodologies when I was still at school. Back then we were taught only one software development life-cycle model, or SDLC for short. Being a curious teenager, I came across a new approach to software development known as "Agile", with the "SDLC" I knew being referred to as "Waterfall".

I was interested in the technical side of things too, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to be a programmer, so I chose a University course that allowed me to explore both! It was during University that I really got to grips with the theory behind different processes, knowing which ones work best for different environments and contexts - something I've since learned not so many people know about.

Since graduating, I've worked as a developer, database administrator, solution architect, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Agile Coach - using methodologies including DSDM, Scrum, Kanban, and yes, even Waterfall! - at companies both large and small, including Fujitsu, IRI, and the University of Kent. I've worked with both co-located and completely remote teams, coached C-Level executives and entire Product teams, as well as helped non-tech departments including Finance, Legal and Personnel to adopt better ways of working through Agile and Lean.

I've been sharing experiences of working in Agile environments via my blog for some time now, but realised it's time to put my knowledge to better use. With Agile with Edele, you'll cover as many Agile and Change Management practices as I can teach about, to give you the best chance success - no matter your situation.


It's about finding what works for you

Your situation, the people around you, the company you work for, and the market sector you're in are unique. So why would one technique work for everyone?

That's why Agile with Edele takes it from the top, giving you the tools and guidance to experiment, and become the expert of your particular situation. No matter what the specifics are.